19 March 2010

Lady Gaga and engaging in timelessness

I'll be turning 50 this year. Hard to believe. It's the abstraction of the number when it's spun together with the subjectivity of it experiencing it that makes it hard to believe. I suppose that's why there's the saying "you're as young or old as you feel." The point of saying I'm turning 50 is only to situate myself in relationship to Lady Gaga, the pop icon who's playing edges like Madonna did when I was growing up. Not that I'm comparing them any longer, but I've had to loosen up on my historical position so that I don't. It's pretty natural to compare what's unfamiliar to what's familiar. It's also a way to not engage with the new on its own terms. The unfamiliar takes a lot of brain-juice and that's why it automatically looks for patterns and conceptual anchors. Madonna then >>>> GaGa now.

Anyhow, I love stumbling on these kinds of cultural phenomena and digging into them and now I'm paying more attention to GaGa. Her's music is ok; it could grow on me through my interest in her persona and the way she does gender. Some thinking on that is here and here. I've downloaded her Iphone app and am following her on Twitter. My first celeb.

Anyhow, anyhow, engaging in timelessness might be another way to experience only the present.