25 April 2010

I don't want to hang out in Facebook anymore

I never hung out in malls, why am I starting now? I'm trying to think about what I would miss if I left. Probably the pictures of people I know. And I'd probably miss some of the water-cooler exchanges and quips shared. Most of my meat-space friends don't hang out in FB like I do. I drank the cool-aid. Now I'm having a reaction.

It's Lanier's book, I am Not a Gadget, that's got me thinking about my digital world, and the digital world. 
His ideas are radical for someone who made the sugar that makes the cool-aid taste so good. Maybe that's why he's got my attention; he's a reformed enthusiast. It's that been-there-done-thatness about him that I like. He's a working artist (a musician) and thinks philosophically too, and I can relate to those.

Anyway, I'm not going to hangout so much in FB anymore; I'm not deactivating my account yet though. I deleted all my Personal Info, left the pictures (too much work) and changed my birthdate to 1/1/1900.

Is FB a manifestation of the way we use "computers to create an aura of meaning where there is no meaning?" ~Lanier.

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