17 April 2010

Technology progressives, rationalists and resisters

I'm just making this all up. At least I'm admitting that I am.

The progressives innovate and pioneer. Machete in hand, wacking away at the brush before them, they're not really making a path, at least that's not their intent. If it were, it'd be for only those who were brave enough to follow and who'd also have the right shoes and the right socks on. Gram, you need to stay home.

After some time had passed, the rationalists would helicopter over the wacked-away trails and see which ones went anywhere relevant, or went anywhere at all really. With their high-tech gadgets, they'd document the necessities and then make some arbitrary and some informed decisions about how to proceed. The ones that stuck would be those that made the most sense to the lowest-common denominator in the public equation. A dollar sign would figure in.

The resisters are luddites and geniuses, technology geeks and not. Their agendas are countless, although they all take to the streets when it comes to the dollar sign. They're strategically practical--some have iPhones, they say, to divert attention from themselves. They're often new-product critics, Apple. com party-poopers. Many were there when "it" all began and don't see themselves as resisters. Their friends however think they're grumpy old men because their ideas have made others billions.