11 April 2010

Wisdom from 37signals-apply broadly

I ended up at Amazon, looking at the book Reworked. I wasn't browsing start-up business wisdom, but one of the mimimalist's blogs I like to read. Stop Solving Problems was the post. It resonated and I'm for sure going to do some thinking on the idea. I spent the next hour or so linking through 37signals, the folks who wrote the book. One reviewer said the gist of the book is in the following posts:

Learning from failure is overrated" (Feb. 3rd, 2009)(SvN)
This one I really liked. It circles back to the idea of being intentional and having an idea of a vision. I'm going to inventory my successes and what worked.

"Planning is Guessing" (Rework, page 19): "The Planning Falacy" (Jun. 12th, 2009) (SvN)
This one is great too.

"Workaholism" (Rework, page 25): "Fire the workaholics" (Mar. 7th, 2008) (SvN)
This was a breath of relief. Thank you!! Nothing to say about it, just read the post.

"Enough with 'Entrepreneurs'" (Rework, page 28): "The word entrepreneur and its baggage" (Apr. 22nd, 2009) (SvN)
This one was also useful. I'm not an entrepreneur; I don't throw all caution to the wind and invest everything I have in an idea. It also makes the whole idea of experimenting less risky.

"Scratch your own itch" (Rework, page 34): "What's your problem?" (Getting Real)
I have to think on this one too. I can think of a lot of itches, I've had. Most of them come in the form of "why is this so complicated, or difficult to use." And I often have good ideas; I just don't follow through on them.

"No time is no excuse" (Rework, page 40): "There's always time to launch your dream" (Mar. 10, 2009) (SvN)
Yes, that's true, but I think of it more like a priorities thing. I make time for the things I want to do. Period.

"Outside Money is Plan Z" (Rework, page 50): "Fund yourself" (Getting Real)
Another one of those reality checks about getting started. I actually like doing stuff on constrained budgets. It's more interesting and creative.