27 May 2010

No such thing as "I can't live without..."

One of the things I like about my life is keeping it flexible. My iphone's touch screen is kaputt and I've got to decide what device to replace it with. I've got the original phone and can replace it for $200, w/o disrupting my monthly plan and lifestyle. It may have a life span of a year or two. I can also downgrade to go-phone prepaid or not, for a change of pace. I'd save some money and wait out the launch of a new iphone OS. No 2 year contract for me though, on any phone. There's nothing flexible about having financial commitments you may not be able to afford, seeing as I won't have a job this time next year.
There's also something empowering about having lived the good life and then voluntarily ditching it. I just love that kind of freedom. The Buddhists call it detachment. I think it's foundational to being truly happy in life. You can't know if you can live without something, until you've lived with it.