29 June 2010

Connective Tissue

In my teens I felt like I'd been gypped. The 70s were so khaki colored (#C3B091) compared to the 60s. Then, in my 40s, I started to notice that I'm of the 60s. I've got these visceral sensibilities I don't recall developing like rebelliousness: The first free speech demonstrations were at Berkeley in May, 1960 (I was born on the 4th) and outrage: Kent State killings happened on my 10th birthday. These are birthmarks.

Then I learned that the counterculture philosophies and ideals I live with were, and are, those of early technology entrepreneurs. Ahhh, technology, innovation, personal freedom and expression. It's also fitting, I suppose, that electronic music has taken up serious space in my collection since the 70s, and I myself was the synth-player and a programmer throughout my 80s music career. Fitting still, is that it all naturally segued into living off the grid in a utopian community of idealist technophiles, sci-fi enthusiasts, conspiracy theorists, organic gardeners, native healers and new-age spiritualists. Ahhh, if only the spaceships hadn't landed on the garden.

Now 2010me, wireless, carless, TVless, organic food-eating, Second Life gypsy, counter-counterculturalist: connected tissue.