07 August 2010

Newspaper Technology

Der Tagesspiegel
In Berlin, I spent a couple of hours, mornings, reading the newspaper and I'm noticing how much that meant to me. Spreading a paper out all over the table and folding it up and over indiscriminately to get the best view was the highlight of my vacation.

For me, the end-user, the technology of a newspaper is simple, transparent and tangible. Paper and print have fixed sizes and colors. Two perpendicular folds conceal and reveal content. Interacting with it was an oddly non-linear process. I flipped around pages without loosing my way, all the while having a visual and tactile conception of the whole thing as something living. 

I've subscribed to the online version, since I generally read newspapers online. Of course, I didn't expect it to be the same experience. I'm considering an Ipad to more comfortably read online content at home, and as a way to "access" content I otherwise could not. But I'm weary of the promises, and of making acceptable something I'm not sure is. The vast majority of the content I interact with is on a screen and I wouldn't want that any other way. And yeah sure there's something cool and exciting about being able to read German press and books on my Ipad, but cool and exciting have a short lifespan in my emotive world. Balance is generally more appealing. In the meantime, I brought some German paperbacks home for pleasure reading and I might just pick up an LA Times this weekend too.