05 August 2010

Box Rhetoric & Content Management Systems

Creative persons have to work at thinking in the box. You know who you are.

I'm developing a website with a content management system, literally a bunch of boxes with an architecture some developers put together so that anyone can create a website. As far as cmses go this one has been pretty easy to figure out. The architecture of cmses is linear and hierarchic and I'm not a person who writes from an outline. I can though work within constraints. In fact, some of my best ideas have come about because of them. But constraints like boxes have philosophies behind them, and all computing is founded on philosophies of hierarchies and linearity. At its base, computing is procedural too. I feel all that when I interact with a computer. I feel the logic; I see it in the architecture of the operating system and obey its commands. I experience computing as something fundamentally non-creative in that the essence of my cognition is squished into formalisms.