11 September 2010

The Ipad and shifting work-flow habits

I found a bookend to lean the iPad on. It's opened to the Tomorrow ToDo, an elegantly designed productivity app with 2 screens-Today and Tomorrow.  I've only had the iPad for a few days and I'm already noticing how it can not only change my workflow habits, but thrust me into an entirely new relationship with technology.

My iPhone provides me a very limited set of work/learn affordances. Most of them come in the form of lightweight, on-the-fly information seeking and communication. Two years ago, I traveled to 2 conferences in Europe with only the phone, knowing I would have access to computer terminals and wifi. The experiment worked out. I was able to shift some of my laptop activities to the phone, some to the terminals and let go of others.

The latter, letting go of others, is what's at stake again with the iPad. I'm still exploring what that looks like.