08 September 2010

OntheFly Salmon "Pâte" Spread

A friend's coming over for a meal tonight. It's Rosh Hashanah, he mailed, what about some apples and honey? Sure, I mailed back, curious what that could look like. I googled around and saw salmon on a menu too. Ach, but I wanna low-budget-it.

Onthefly Salmon "Pâte" Spread

Here's what I came up with. Tastes great; healthy as hell; takes 10 minutes; you can eat the whole thing yourself and not go off your diet plan. (I think.)

OntheFly Salmon "Pâte" Spread 
`6oz can of no-salt salmon
`some fresh Fennel, the twigs, leaves and stalks.
`some lemon juice
`a drop of coconut oil
`pinch of wasabi
` some tahini
`some salt
`some vegetable seasoning

Make the sauce in a bowl. Chop up the fennel finely.
Drain the salmon and mash it up in the sauce bowl. Add the fennel and mix it all up. Add more salt to taste, but don't try fixing up the sauce at this point. (Just live with it and do it differently next time.) Cover and chill.

Disclosure: For a long time, I cooked professionally here. If they still use any of my recipes, like the chocolate tofu mousse, I don't draw any royalties. I'm not bitter. If they did.