23 December 2010


I'm returning my new, stylish, leaky galoshes because they're poorly designed. I use Mac machines and software because from the inside out they feel good on. I've been riding a mid-priced German-made bicycle for 10 years; it's sleek, swift and durable. If I stay in my flat, I'm going to ask my interior designer friend for her input on a redesign.

The freeway system in southern California, my stove-top, Italian coffee maker; ATMs, well designed doesn't happen easily or often.

Well-designed products are becoming oh so more rare, as ever more shitty products and services enter the market, and producers who used to design quality, buckle under the weight of consumers wanting more stuff for cheaper.

Market-driven competition produces more shitty crap, not more well-designed stuff. A German friend confirmed that in Germany too, it's getting more difficult to find quality stuff. Sigh.

I'll do without.
I'll spend a loooong time researching a new purchase.
I'll do without.
I'll find a workaround.
I'll buy cheap crap with full awareness that it is. 

At the heart of design is fulfillment. I prioritize behavioral fulfillment in many things. And if it functions well and looks good, I'm all aglow and proud of having found the diamond in the mud. 

Next design read, Norman's Living with Complexity.