11 December 2010

Duped at $2.99 and then some

I very rarely buy apps unless I'm convinced they're worth it. I'll waste 99 cents now and then, but that's my limit. I'm not interested in paying for the privilege of helping the marketplace test its products. Blogpress seemed like it would make blogging more elegant on the Pad, so I got it. I'm using it now. It's ok. But I often start blog posts on my laptop and when I opened such a post to continue working on it, I was faced with a wall of continuous text tangled with html code. Hello. Not what I expected, way too much textual noise just so I don't have to boot up my old G4 Powerbook. I want my money back. The point of blogging is the writing; making that easier would seem to be the goal of such an app.

I'm checking out a lot of apps these days, productivity, games, informational, media, educational. It's fun and sometimes a time suck. Sure, sure, it's a nascent industry, with lots of additive design approaches flooding the market. And yeah I'll play along being the beta-pig to a point. But my threshold is low and slipping lower as I observe that the relentless onslaught of novelty more negatively affects individuals and society than positively. Sure, sure it feels good to buy a new gadget, but it's a fleeting experience; it's indoctrination into an unsustainable way of life, personally, socially and environmentally. I get deep satisfaction challenging that.

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