15 January 2011

The overqualified, it's-more-than-that rant.

I'm not taking it personally. In the end, a position that was written up as "Director of X" that doesn't really want someone with experience in leading and visioning says something about the organization.

The fastest and highest (numerically) growing jobs over the next decade include home health aids. Most of the jobs created will earn below the median wage and require some post-secondary education.

Watch the redistribution of wealth in terms of the kinds of jobs and salaries industry creates over the next decade. One argument goes like this. As the cost of health care continues to increase (nobody is asking why that is), jobs and tasks once performed by doctors and nurses will be increasingly done by lower-earning/educated positions. More old people means more people needed to take care of them. That's good if you own stock in healthcare; it sux if you look at the larger social and economic implications of increases in low-wage employment opportunities.

The reality check outcome of not getting this job I thought I was well-suited for is that I'm managing my expectations. I'm revisiting my 4:59 Club and rethinking what employment means.