19 October 2011

Blackboard Shares

I heard the news, and like a colleague thought: implications. The free puppy side of the free beer/free puppy saying. At least you know what you can anticipate with a free puppy. Well maybe not. In fact, if you've never had a puppy or known someone who has, you'd have no idea what to expect. Even with the experience behind you, there's always the unknowable. It's a living being, has a mind  and body of its own. Multiply that by 40k.

How does FERPA work? What about materials reserved for matriculating students, such as those from the library? Do instructors really need yet something else to think about? "Openess" like "freedom" is complex. I see it through a critical lens of the freedom of choice rhetoric in our consumer culture. The joy we believe we have in choosing between 17 kinds of cereal is easily tarnished when we realize only 3 choices are of nutritional quality. If we realize it. Many don't and potentially suffer the health consequences, which have economic consequences.  

Openess comes with responsibilities, duties, tasks, understandings, training, maintenance, etc.. Labor.
Let's wait and see how it shakes out. I'm all for autonomy, DYI, and the like. Or so I think.