05 October 2011

Edupunks Guide to Getting a Credential -- What's wrong with it.

  1. It assumes individual agency based on White, middle class values.
    1. It fails to account for the systemic and systematized socio-economic, (i.e., racial and gendered) barriers that prevent or make more difficult the process of getting "an education." Example: Poverty is one of the single most important predictors of educational attainment.  
    2.  It puts the onus of personal success or failure on the individual, disregarding structural influences. Example: The dismantling of public services disproportionately affects people at the lower end of socio-economic spectrum.
  2. It unjustly oversimplifies the process. Example: Cultural capital--the insider knowledge and relations one has when belonging to a social milieu--is not acquired by simply going through the chapters and doing what they say.