07 October 2011

Syllabus metaphors

I'm designing a self-paced, mentor-facilitated online-course development guide. After some thought, I settled on the travel guide metaphor.
Here's one excerpt from the guide. What do you think?

"Most of us think about learning in terms of the content. How often have you heard “covering content?” Content is the the what of learning. We also need to consider the how and why of learning. 

Think about our metaphor of the syllabus as a travel guide. Let’s say we’re creating a travel guide for Venice, Italy. Venice is full of history (content), but our travelers also need to know how to get at that history. It’s embedded in the architecture, the art, the food, and the lives of Venetians.

 How would you organize your travel guide to ensure they got the most out of Venice during their visit? How would you contextualize the art and architecture meaningfully? Are there destinations which when visited first, help them appreciate those to follow? In short, how would structure their experience so that it was rewarding?