09 November 2011

Slate on Why Second Life Failed

The article makes a good point about usefulness, but from an instructional design standpoint, that point should be self-evident. In fact, it's a bit disconcerting that so many well-meaning .edu folks, who should "know better" didn't.

I think the more urgent questions are found not at the level of a technology-yes or no, but at the level of Technology. Questions such as: What assumptions about Technology are driving the discourses? Who's driving them?

I've seen some exceptionally innovative and smart educational designs in Second Life. They're unfortunately not scalable nor compatible with conventional educational contexts. Few innovations are.

For the foreseeable near future, a technology's usefulness will likely be defined by its capacity to facilitate  learning for more students, and with less resources. Innovative industrial models are trending with Facebook as a great example.