13 December 2011

Fall in love with the challenge, not the solution.

Those of us who design and develop things can get too attached to the solutions. To really delve into a problem means we might find things we can't or don't "want" to solve. By "not wanting" I mean this: We each have an approach to teaching and learning. We're likely unaware of how attached we are to it and thus resist changing our approaches to better meet people where they're at.

Another dilemma is the lack of clarity some stakeholders have about the nature and complexity of a challenge. Poverty has the single most impact on academic achievement, yet it's a theme absent from a good deal of educational technology conversations. Student/teacher ratios and school resources contribute to academic success too; each has been approached with a technological solution in one form or another. The economics of schooling has been under fire so technology has come to the rescue. The challenges in education require systemic solutions.