30 June 2012

Robert De Niro's waiting, talking Italian

I'm learning Italian. It's my 5th language learning experience and I'm doing it differently. I'm exploiting the Internet and technology while I'm not immersed in the language.

One of my favorites are these podcasts by World Languages Podcasting. I bought the transcripts, which makes all the difference in the world. The speakers, Anna and Ricardo converse in each one, and each one gets a bit more difficult. They speak a little more quickly. Listening to and then reading conversational speech fantastic. I listen to them when I'm walking or just out and about. After I've read and understood the written conversation, I can see the words when they're speaking. I get the grammar, where the words start and stop.

I also installed ItalianPod101.com full course on my laptop. It cost about $50, I think. It's very well designed pedagogically. You can listen, speak and read.

My favorite apps from the Apple App Store are:
  • Mind Snacks 
  • Basic Italian for Dummies
  • Numbers by Erasmos, Inc
  • Collins Dictionary by Ultralingua
  • Molto Bene Italian Verb Trainer
There's Yabla Italian Video Immersion too and a host of websites I've bookmarked for grammar exercises, pronunciation and practice. 

Here are a few

I have a couple of Italian penpals, subscribe to a couple of newspapers, follow people on Twitter and really the only thing missing at this point is a tutor, someone who can answer questions. 

We'll see when I get to Italy how successful this has been. Andiamo!