02 September 2012

Declaration for Labor Day

"In this pamphlet we aim to address the desires and accomplishments of the cycle of struggles that erupted in 2011, but we do so not by analyzing them directly. Instead we begin by investigating the general social and political conditions in which they arise. Our point of attack here is the dominant forms of subjectivity produced in the context of the current social and political crisis. We engage four primary subjective figures—the indebted, the mediatized, the securitized, and the represented—all of which are impoverished and their powers for social action are masked or mystified."

The other day I learned a new word precarity. It puts the political back into the personal for me. As does Declaration.

"[I]f education were to become an institution of the common, the interests of society as a whole, not those of business, would have to be the guide." And if that happened problem-posing would surely be practiced. And education would be a practice of freedom. And teachers and learners would be understood as agents of social and political change.  

Quotes excerpted from Declaration by Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri, 2012
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