11 November 2012

Mobile learning - slow and easy

Earlier this year I did a mobile learning project for the San Diego Italian Film Festival, called Uncovering Cucina Povera in San Diego. One goal of the project was to explore a slow (food) approach to design.

The slow approach extends the philosophies of the DIY movement and Low Threshold approach to include the experience and impact of the design process itself.

For instance, the design process involves people, their time and social and environmental contexts. I scoped the project so that I could do it with the skills and resources I had, while working a full time job. Initial big, exciting ideas were eventually consolidated into a doable project that wouldn't keep my up all night. I didn't involve other people, because it was unnecessary. And doing so, would have involved more time and travel.

Surely, things can always be done better, but good enough for now is a useful mantra. It's about iterative design as a thoughtful and sustainable work-flow process with successively improved outputs. It's about staying flexible and responsive to the ever changing now of technology.