02 December 2012

pICT - Looking Back

pICT, People, Information and Communication Technologies did a lot at SDSU. I can see this more so now than then, perhaps because of the absence of anything like it today.

Change initiatives heat things up. They have impact, effect organizational culture and practices and then simmer down. They're beginnings.

Ours began with fashioning our theory of change and devising logic models. Six months in the doing, this process was at the root of our success.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Change programs leave footprints, and artifacts, and more footprints and artifacts. They tell stories, diverse stories.

Change agents are empathetic and authentic to their purpose. Leaders without leading. Modelers. Mentors. Advocates. I don't believe people are fundamentally resistant to change. People have concerns. Barriers to change are complex because human beings and their systems are.
~~~ ~~~ ~~~ 

Innovation has to start somewhere so that it can end up somewhere else. It's contagious. It wants to play with other innovators, who flourish too, when they're watered.  

Innovation is best communicated within a framework. Frames tell you what to look at, not what to think.   

Institutions don't change rapidly, but they do change. Look for the ripples and eddies.