14 February 2013

Shut up

If someone doesn't point it out, it might as well not exist. At least this is the way I feel when I stumble upon stuff like Lucille Ball and Joan Rivers, two feminists, who like my mother just did feminism.

I get so f**king tired of male, usually not feminist, voices DOMINATING the discursive spaces I occupy. No I don't want to isolate, separate. I want them to shut up. Still. Since this isn't going to happen, I usually feel compelled to talk back, not with. No I don't want to talk with only women. Some women have nothing to say that I'm interested in. No, it's not about women. It's not about men. It's about the relationship. It's about the effort I have to put into shutting out the noise and turning up the volume. It's labor. And I notice myself tiring of it. I'm tired of wondering: when is this going to change. I have no patience. I'm a half-emptier. And I like it.