18 August 2014

A for Effort and Discipline

I've been learning Italian here in Italy now for almost a year. Given the feedback from others, and remembering where I was at with German after living in Germany for year, I'm giving myself an A for effort.

Effort has meant limiting how much time I spend in English. Doing grammar explicitly. Talking when I didn't really feel like it. Looking up words when I read. Really listening and not zoning out, ever though I don't understand what's going on. Speaking and writing hack-Italian. And not flipping into English when I know someone understands it.

Perhaps there's some discipline in there too.

Or maybe it's just knowing how to learn a foreign language generally? Needing to get things done? Wanting to connect and understand?

Yeah but most of the credit still goes to effort and then discipline. Just showing up and doing it. It feels harder though. Than what? I don't know. The last time I did this, learning German?

It's probably my self-study program. It takes a lot more effort to self-motivate. And my expectations; they're high. I didn't have either, explicitly, when I was learning German.

Yeah that's it.