Uncovering Cucina Povera in San Diego with QR Codes

With this project I've begun exploring an educational technology design philosophy inspired by cucina povera: Begin with simple, quality content. Use the technologies at hand, and use them well. Create elegant and enriching experiences, that entice participants. Each design is its own creation because learning, like eating, is always a new experience.

Client: San Diego Italian Film Festival for CineCucina Dine on the Dock
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Description: The goal was to augment the event with interesting facts and stories related to Italian culture in San Diego via QR codes. Themes were Fishing and Italian culture in San Diego, cucina povera and Jim Bregante's Little Italy in the 40s. I used existing content primarily to create text, images, audio and video. I also developed support materials about QR codes for the client and event participants, including attending the event myself. I wore a small sandwich board sign with an image of a QR code and a title "What's this? ASK ME." Participants did ask and several lengthier conversations about QR codes ensued.

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Fishing and Italians in San Diego

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